What is Panel Planner?

Order, pricing and updates


Equipment and Panels


System requirements





Equipment Database

  • Simple to browse equipment explorer, with views by manufacturer and by type
  • Equipment item preview
  • Search equipment feature
  • Automatic updates over the internet
  • over 1900 equipment entries
  • User can add it´s own custom equipment, from a scan or JPG file
  • User can modify any entry in the equipment menu
  • Information stored in XML, leading edge standards
  • Drag and drop placement

Work Area

  • Multiple levels of zoom
  • Work in Faceplate view
  • Work in Template view (cutout)
  • View the Top view of the panel (equipment depth)
  • Align-Distribute tools
  • Assign a specified space between objects tool
  • Rulers and guides
  • View and Print a panel in nightime lighting
  • Change the color of the panel
  • Work in INCHES, CM, or PT
  • Snap to guides. Selectable hotspot.
  • Project Browser
  • Detailed Information pane
  • Able to assign-modify dimensions to placed items (faceplate and template data)
  • Color labels-placards
  • Duplicate switches and fuses vertically and horizontally
  • Marquee selection
  • Multiple open documents
  • Copy and paste between open documents

Import, Export and Print

  • Import SVG, JPG, PNG graphics (when adding used-added equipment)
  • Export template cutout in DXF, actual size.
  • Export faceplate and template views in PNG, JPG, and PDF, in several sizes.
  • Export equipment summary to TXT and HTML
  • Print faceplate and template views in actual size (tiled over multiple pages) or fit in window.

Other features

  • eData Update Center, for update of the panel templates and fixes-improvements to the application
  • Graphics in SVG, for crispier detail and more accurate diplay.
  • Over 560 different panel templates.

(hybid format: Mac and PC)
Panel Planner software comes with a 30-daymoney back guarantee.details